Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Unstoppable’ Wealth Is a ‘Tough Lie’

“Nancy Pelosi is unstoppable,” as she has been since her election in 2010.

She is also a “tough liar” as the House minority leader was caught on video boasting that she had “the most wealth in history.”

Pelosi has a net worth of $18 million, according to her campaign website.

She made the remark to The Washington Post in an interview published last year.

The statement, made during a town hall event hosted by her Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), was a reference to Pelosi’s personal wealth, which has been described as “in the neighborhood of $40 million.”

Pelosi did not immediately respond to a request for comment on this story.

In her interview, Pelosi said her wealth was “not a secret.”

“The fact is, my husband is the president of the United States.

So I’m a member of the Congress of the U.S.,” she said.

“And I have a net of $15 million, which is in the neighborhood [of] $40,000 a year.

And I have some other assets as well, so we have some $15,000,000 in a checking account.

I have an apartment.

I own my own car.”

She also said her assets are not in “the national interest.”

“You know, it’s very important that people understand that the reason why the Democrats win is because they’re winning in districts that are largely white, mostly male,” she said, adding that Democrats need to appeal to women voters.

Pelosi’s comments drew criticism from fellow Democrats.

“She made the comment in a townhall event, which means that we have to have an actual discussion about what it means to be a member, or not a member,” Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer of New York said in a statement.

“I can’t imagine what she is talking about, but that’s not a secret.

We have to be serious about it.”

A spokesperson for Pelosi did, however, deny that she was lying, saying in a tweet, “If Nancy Pelosi wants to talk about what her assets really are, then let her.”

“It’s a tough lie that she told during a Town Hall.

Her husband is President.

We know that.

Her wealth is not a surprise,” said House Democratic Caucus Chair Adam Schiff of California.

Pelosi is one of the most powerful Democrats in Congress and has led the Democrats’ House majority since she became majority leader in 2014.


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