Which is better: The $250 million you earn today, or the $1 million you make in the next year?

The idea that people who have been around a long time and who have built up a huge amount of wealth in the form of savings, investments and other investments can suddenly suddenly start looking at that $250 billion of wealth as an opportunity for the future is something that has been on people’s minds recently.

People are trying to figure out what it means to be rich.

This is something you could say about any of us, but in the past few years, it has been a theme that has come up again and again.

The question is: Can you figure out where the $250-million of wealth that you have today, what’s going to be worth to you in 20 years, is going to actually be worth in 20.

I don’t think that $1-million will be worth anything at all in 20 or 30 years, but if you can figure out how to figure that out, you can go to the next level of wealth and get a much higher percentage of your future.

This is something where the question of how do you build generational wealth is really going to come up.

I think it’s an issue of understanding what it’s like to have a family.

It’s a question of, how do we make sure that you can provide the kinds of services and the kind of amenities that you need for your children, your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren to grow up with and be able to make their own choices in life and not be shackled by the expectations of parents who have all of these responsibilities.

You want to build that kind of wealth, and you want to provide for your family, so it’s important that you are able to do that.

And so, that’s really what the conversation has been.

I think that it’s been the same conversation that we’ve had in the last couple of years, about what is generational wealth?

There is a lot of discussion about how much wealth there is, how much money there is that we’re going to make, what are we going to spend our money on.

I have friends who are making $1.2 million in their lifetime, and they’re very proud of that.

But if you ask them what the money is going into, they say, well, it’s a retirement fund, it keeps the family going.

But you’re not going to see that if you don’t build that.

So, the question is, what kind of financial tools are you going to have that can give you that sort of financial security?

And that’s where it’s going.

The other thing to keep in mind is that people are going to build their own financial tools. If you don