Why the NHL’s most expensive home is actually worth less than it was in the late 2000s

A new study finds that a big reason the value of a house in the United States is dropping is because people are spending more money than they ever have.

According to data compiled by Zillow, the average home in the U.S. sold in the last year is now worth $150,000.

The average price of a home in 2017 was $209,800.

Thats a $50,000 drop from the previous year, and the median price of homes in the nation dropped to $226,600.

This year’s median price is now $275,300.

This means the average homeowner is paying $5,000 less per month to rent a home than they were last year, a drop of $3,500 per month, Zillows data shows.

In addition, home values have been declining in most major cities and many suburbs of major metropolitan areas.

A new report from Zillower says that average prices in the 50 largest metro areas in the country have fallen for every year since 2010.

For example, the median sale price of the median home sold in 2018 in New York City was $1.3 million, down $900 from last year.

Zillow said that average home prices in many metropolitan areas are now much less affordable than they used to be.

This has happened because of a number of factors, including a growing number of seniors and low interest rates.

It also is a result of the fact that many homeowners are struggling to keep their homes, the report says.

The report doesn’t say which reasons are driving the price drop.

Zellow, which measures the value and affordability of homes based on a variety of factors such as the location, income, mortgage rate, and proximity to major public transportation, also says that the U