What to Expect When Donald Trump and Bill Gates Meet in the Oval Office

The most likely scenario is that Bill Gates will announce that he is willing to donate $1 billion to the United States military to assist the military with its war on ISIS, or else Trump will sign an order to open a military base in Qatar.

That would not only put the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia in a very difficult position but also could give a boost to the U.S. government’s case for the expansion of the American military presence in the region.

A U.K. government official told Bloomberg News that Gates was “willing to commit to the military assistance program” in exchange for the $1.5 billion in annual funding that Trump had been pushing for.

The official also said Gates “would be willing to meet with the President to discuss ways of accelerating the military response in Syria and Iraq.”

If Gates does announce his intention to donate, the United Nations would have to take up the matter with the Trump administration.

The White House has not publicly responded to a request for comment on Gates’ intentions.

The Qataris would likely be more open to the idea of donating money than the United Arab Emirates, which has a history of providing military assistance to the Syrian regime, as well as the U,K., and Saudi Arabian governments.

The United Arab Emirate also has an oil-rich state, and is expected to contribute a total of $2 billion over the next three years, a Reuters report said in April.

Qatar has also expressed interest in funding the United Nation’s relief effort in Syria, which it has already started providing.


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