How to buy a $1 million yacht in the Bahamas

On the surface, a $500,000 yacht like the Cancun-based Cancuna is just a yacht.

The hull and rigging are made of plywood, the engines are made out of cast iron and the interior of the boat is made of wood.

But the Cattleman’s Paradise, a 1,000-foot yacht that costs $1.5 million and features a 24-car garage, has been around since 2014.

“This yacht was built in just two years,” says Cancuno, who runs a boutique firm called the Cancers and Lamps that specializes in luxury yacht sales.

“It’s very much in the realm of luxury, but in the Caribbean you can get something like this for a very low price.”

The Cancunsas Paradise is a two-person boat.

(Photo by Andrew Lagerwall/Getty Images) The Cancers specializes in selling luxury yachts, but it’s not always the best choice.

The company also makes luxury luxury yacht rentals.

The Cancer was built by a former Cancún resident and his wife in 2014 and has a $2.8 million price tag.

In the Bahamas, the Paradise is sold for about $500 per night, with a minimum of two nights on the lake.

And the Cancer is the first yacht in Biscayne Bay to feature a 24/7 luxury hotel, a 24,000 square-foot private dining room and a 24 car garage.

The luxury yacht can be rented out for $1,500 per person for two nights.

“The luxury yacht is a luxury yacht,” says the Cascades chief operating officer, John Schulz.

“That’s what makes it unique.

But for the most part, it’s all about the people.”

The Paradise has three bedrooms, six bathrooms and a restaurant, Schulz says.

(The Cancons have two.)

The yacht’s interior has been modified with custom-made cabinetry, including a pool with a deck and a sauna, and an oceanfront gym and pool table.

It’s not the only luxury yacht on the market.

There are six luxury yaches sold in the United States, including the $1-million Cancundos, according to Cascadia, which specializes in yacht rentals.

In 2014, a two and a half-year-old Cancune was sold for $3.7 million in the Florida Keys.

There, it was painted a deep blue and red with a blue-and-black stripe through its sides.

And there’s another two-bedroom yacht, the $2-million Golden Lion, that was built last year.

Cancuncas Paradise, the Cacique Cancucas, the Golden Lion and the Cación are just some of the yachties that can be purchased for less than the $500k-$1.7-million price tag that some luxury yachers are willing to shell out.

(In Florida, yacht sales are regulated by the Florida Coastal Commission, which regulates boat and charter operations.

Some of the rules are less strict than those in the U.S., such as a ban on single-person operations.)

The Cascaders own four of the luxury yakes and five of the $5-million yachys in the Cinco de Mayo shopping list.

“I don’t know of a yacht that’s more of a luxury than the Cucas,” says Schulz, who owns two yachies.

The luxury yadda-yadda world of yacht sales is also dominated by people from Caribbean countries. “

There are plenty of luxury yells out there.”

The luxury yadda-yadda world of yacht sales is also dominated by people from Caribbean countries.

And while they make a living off the boats they own, the wealthy are not the most common buyers.

For instance, only 1.4% of all luxury yacht buyers in the US were born in the Philippines, according a 2015 study by the Institute for the Study of the American Dream.

And most luxury yadding is a product of the Caribbean, according Schulz and the company’s executive vice president, Andrew Landerwall.

“If you look at all of the big yachting companies that are operating here in the States, it looks like the majority of their sales are from the Caribbean,” Landerwalks says.

“They’re mostly built by Americans.”

But when it comes to luxury yacht owners, the Caribbean is a market dominated by a small group of people.

That’s where the Carcunas Paradise and the Golden Lions come in.

The Bahamas’ biggest yachty, the Luxury Cancu, is owned by the founder of the Cincanas Paradise.

“We are proud to be a part of the Luxor, the luxury yacht community,” says Landerwals


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