Why you should start saving and investing in Africa

WealthAccess Africa has announced the launch of a new investment tool that allows anyone to build a wealth management platform in Africa, based on the latest wealth insights from the continent.

In order to make this tool, we developed an algorithm which allows us to analyze data and understand the most popular assets on the continent, the most commonly used asset classes and their relative importance to each other and to the overall wealth of Africa.

This new tool is designed to provide an asset class index, an index that allows users to filter assets based on their relative wealth, to see which assets are most relevant to them.

For example, we can determine which assets have the highest market cap, which has the highest percentage of equity in each asset class, which have the most marketable assets and which have some of the lowest market cap.

In the end, the wealth management tool is meant to give investors access to the most relevant asset classes, and to provide a platform to invest in them.

This allows investors to invest without a need to rely on traditional fund managers.

For this reason, the new WealthAccess African app will not be limited to Africa, but will be available to all of Africa, and will be a platform for all investors.

As we recently explained, the Africa market is in a unique position as it has not experienced a large rise in wealth inequality over the last decade.

While Africa’s GDP has grown from $22.3tn in 2000 to $39.7tn in 2017, the average annual growth rate of wealth inequality across Africa has been 4.4%, a decline of over 50% in the last five years.

To see the current state of Africa’s wealth, we looked at data from the United Nations World Wealth Report 2017 and the Global Wealth Report 2016, which together revealed a wealth inequality gap of $17.6tn across the continent and an average wealth gap of 2.3% of the population.

WealthAccess Africa’s new tool will allow users to access and track the most important assets for them in Africa and their overall wealth.

This data can then be used to build wealth management tools that will help African entrepreneurs and investors achieve their goals.

We will continue to be investing in African assets in the hope that we can provide the same benefits as investors from other regions in the world.