How to use Amazon Prime to build a $200 million house

The Wall Street Journal reports Amazon Prime has been used to build more than $200m worth of homes in Australia, with a recent purchase in the capital Sydney valued at more than a million dollars.

Prime customers have also used Prime membership to buy a house in Brisbane, Melbourne and Brisbane’s inner west, which the paper says was worth a total of $1.7 million.

Prime members also bought homes in the Perth CBD, and in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

Prime is an online shopping service that allows customers to buy products and services online.

It provides a “one-stop shopping experience”, with Prime members paying a flat rate for their purchases, while Prime members can also pay a fee to use the service on their mobile devices.

Prime has had a troubled history with its Prime members, with complaints of unfair charges.

Last month, Prime was fined $US200,000 for breaching Australian consumer law.

The company has previously been fined for offering a “shopping voucher” to Prime members.

Prime, the US online retail giant, says it is committed to improving the service for its members and has hired a consumer relations director to improve the experience.

“We will continue to invest in our Prime service to make it even better for our members,” a company spokesperson said.

The Journal says Prime has also had a string of complaints over its relationship with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), which it is charged with regulating in the country.

The ACCC, which is part of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), is a federal regulatory body that monitors the industry and regulates retailers.

Prime says the complaints against the company are a result of the ACCC “unlawfully pursuing complaints relating to its anti-consumer behaviour”.

“We are committed to protecting our members from unfair, deceptive and misleading conduct and the ACCc is investigating these matters,” a spokesperson for Prime said.

“These complaints are based on inaccurate and unfounded claims made by the ACCs Complaints Commissioner.

We are currently reviewing these matters and will be taking appropriate legal action if necessary.”

Prime says it has also received a number of complaints about its pricing policy.