Which companies have the most shareholder wealth?

The most successful companies are among the richest companies in the world, according to a study by research firm The Index of Corporate America.

The study said the top 10 list was dominated by five global players: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon.

The top 1,000 companies, meanwhile, included eBay, Netflix, Starbucks, Facebook, Microsoft and Uber.

The index also ranked companies by their “shareholder happiness score”, which is based on the share price of the company.

“These data confirm the most successful businesses are not just large, global corporations with the ability to raise billions of dollars per year from investors, but also small, local and local start-ups,” said index co-founder Brian Fung.

“They are also run by people with diverse backgrounds, backgrounds of different genders and races, and backgrounds that are connected to the communities they serve.”

Shareholder wealth The index was created in 2015 to track the “shareholders’ wealth”.

The index’s aim is to give investors an idea of how well the companies in a given market are doing, and how well they can do better in the future.

“The key to understanding shareholder wealth is to understand how companies manage it, and the value they are creating for their shareholders,” said David Hirst, co-director of the index and a partner at The Index, in a statement.

The Index found that the top 100 companies on the index had $1.7 trillion in total shareholder wealth.

The companies ranked by the index scored the most well on the happiness scale, with Facebook, Apple, Facebook’s parent company, beating the rest of the list.

“If you are looking for the most innovative, successful companies, look no further than Facebook,” said Mr Hirst.

“But, if you are just looking for good companies to invest in, the index has you covered.”

The index looked at the value of a company’s stock by calculating its stock price as a percentage of the value it generates in the market.

“When it comes to measuring shareholder wealth, the more wealth you have, the better your company,” said Mark Fergusson, founder of the Index of Financial Economics, which created the index.

“What you want to measure is how well a company is doing relative to its competitors, and by how much.”

Forbes said it had compiled the index using information from public filings, financial records, company websites, press releases and other sources.

Mr Fergudd said the index “is a great starting point” for investors looking to compare the financial health of companies.

“As we look to the future, the data is helping us to understand where the best opportunities are,” he said.

“It also shows where companies might need to invest or grow.”

The Index also found that some companies in Australia were outperforming the global market.

The company which scored the highest in the index was The Gap, with a value of $1,531 billion.


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