Stone Wealth Management launches $150M Series B, adds new asset manager, CEO

Stone Wealth has announced it has raised $150 million in new funding led by the Stone Group.

The company’s founders said in a blog post that the funding will allow it to continue growing its business in the digital asset and digital currency space.

Stone’s new capital will enable the company to continue to expand its offerings to a broader audience of customers and to further focus on growing its brand and business, they wrote. 

It will also allow Stone to grow its core business into the digital assets and digital currencies space, they said. 

In an effort to support the company’s growth, Stone added that it will be investing in an additional $100 million to $200 million in capital markets and infrastructure, while it will also be acquiring a new technology company.

Stone’s first investment in a new company will be in the U.S., according to a spokesperson for the company.

 The new funding will be used to expand Stone’s existing business, which has more than 1,500 employees and provides services such as digital asset management, blockchain and blockchain consulting.

The new capital also includes funding from Stone’s $250 million Series A round in 2017, and from the Stone Foundation.

Stone said in its blog post it will continue to invest in its core and emerging businesses.

The Stone Group is a global strategic wealth management company.

Stone is headquartered in San Francisco.

Stone plans to focus its resources on emerging, disruptive technologies, it said.