Which billionaires are paying the highest taxes?

A few years ago, we looked at the income tax rates paid by the top 20 richest Americans and the top 10 billionaires in each state.

In some cases, the top one-fifth of the American population paid as much as the bottom 90 percent of households.

This year, we have a new look at the top income earners in each country.

While the top 1 percent of earners in the United States and Canada have a combined income of more than $2 trillion, the median family in each nation pays just $36,000 in federal income taxes.

While some of the world’s richest people, including Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc. , have paid much more, we’ve also found that the top 0.1 percent of Americans pay the highest federal taxes.

In Canada, the 1 percent pays just 0.01 percent of the country’s total income tax.

And in the U.S., the richest 1 percent pay 1.8 percent of total taxes, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Here’s how the U,S.

and Canada stack up.

Taxing the rich The top 0,1 percent has been the biggest beneficiary of federal income tax cuts.

According to the Tax Foundation, the richest 0.001 percent of taxpayers in the world owe just over $1.7 trillion in federal taxes, or almost one-quarter of all the countrys total income.

In 2017, the largest tax increases were paid by top 1 per cent taxpayers.

For instance, the U and Canadian taxpayers who paid the most taxes were Apple Inc., Alphabet Inc., Exxon Mobil Corp., and Microsoft Corp. Those three corporations collectively paid an average of $7,500 in federal corporate taxes in 2017.

In the U., the average amount of taxes paid by each company was $10,600, while in Canada, it was $5,400.

The average tax bill for the top 5 per cent of Americans was $34,300, according the Tax Policy Center.

That means, the average American pays $32,000 to the federal government each year.

The top 1.1 per cent pays more than the top five per cent combined, as well.

In 2016, the 0.04 per cent paid the average tax rate of 0.03 percent, or $5.6 million in tax revenue.

That’s about the same as the top fifth of American taxpayers, who paid $16,000 each in federal tax revenue in 2016.

For the top 15 per cent, that figure was just $11,000.

That same group, meanwhile, paid $19,000, or 3.5 times the average.

It’s worth noting that the U paid more than 90 per cent as much in federal revenue in 2017 as Canada.

Canada’s federal government collected $1,829,000 more in revenue than it received in taxes in 2018.

That is a big difference.

In fact, the Canadian tax code is so complex that the country doesn’t pay its fair share of taxes.

For example, Canada has a federal income-tax system that was introduced in 1975 that requires businesses to pay a small tax on the profits they earn and a small rate on the revenue they generate.

If the company is profitable and can afford to pay that small tax, the government pays the higher tax rate on its profits.

If it’s not profitable, it pays no tax at all.

That way, corporations can pay their fair share and avoid paying taxes on their investments.

But that system hasn’t worked well for Canada.

Since 1975, it has paid a tax rate that has fallen from 4.5 per cent in 1975 to just 1.4 per cent today.

That doesn’t even account for the fact that many Canadians are saving and investing in real estate rather than in their businesses.

This has led to the tax burden on the bottom 99 per cent being higher than it was even a decade ago.

And it’s a problem that will only get worse if the U continues to tax its wealthy at a rate that’s too low.

The wealthy don’t pay much in taxes These rich people don’t really pay much, since they don’t benefit from the country s tax system, according Topp says.

In 2018, the wealthiest 0.5 percent of American households earned more than twice as much income as the poorest 1.0 percent, according a study by economists at the Economic Policy Institute, an advocacy group.

This is a result of the fact they live in large cities and don’t have to worry about the weather.

Meanwhile, the wealthy pay no federal income income tax in the US.

The bottom 99.99 percent, meanwhile has a combined tax bill of just $1 trillion, according Treasury Department data.

This amounts to more than four times the tax rate paid by Americans earning less than $100,000 a year, according Tax Foundation calculations.

The U.K. was one of the few countries that did not have a corporate income tax for most of its history, so it wasn’t that big of a


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