What’s next for Wintrust and Legacy?

With Wintrit, the new owners of Legacies, they have managed to achieve a lot, which will surely be welcomed by fans and investors.

This is the first time since the takeover in the autumn of 2018 that a new owner has taken over the reins.

For Legacies it has also meant an overhaul of the entire ownership structure, from the ownership to the board.

The team has changed its colours to the blue of the club and is now sponsored by Adidas.

However, this is not all.

Wintris has also taken over Legacy Sports, which has a new team with the aim of being the leading independent sports authority in Italy.

And that is the point at which the new ownership group should be most interested in taking action to change the ownership of Legacy.

In this respect, Legacy is a team with a strong history and an outstanding future.