What is the difference between the Walton family’s wealth and the family’s net worth?

What is a Walton family net worth, and what is their wealth? 

The Walton family owns or controls an estimated $1.5 trillion worth of assets in the United States and around a dozen other countries.

They also control the Walton Family Foundation and the Walton Group, which owns or manages a number of businesses, including Walmart, the parent company of Walmart and Walmart Supercenter. 

Walmart is a company that is often described as a corporation, but it is actually a family business. 

The Waltons are the richest family in the U.S. and the fourth-richest family in history.

They were also the owners of a string of other companies, including Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Wal-Marts Supercenter, Walmart Stores Inc. (NYSE: WMT) and Walmart (NYSE : WMT).

The Walton Family has been a major contributor to political campaigns, donating millions of dollars to President Donald Trump and Republican candidates. 

In 2017, the family contributed $4 million to Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, the largest single gift to any Republican this election cycle. 

However, the Walton Foundation has also received significant funding from the Walton heirs. 

During the 2016 election cycle, the Foundation gave $2 million to the presidential campaign of Senator Marco Rubio, the Republican presidential nominee, according to Federal Election Commission records. 

According to its latest filings with the Internal Revenue Service, the foundation has donated at least $1 million to Republican candidates and political committees since 2007. 

While the foundation is not a corporation and does not have to report its assets and liabilities to the government, the tax filing revealed that the Foundation received $4,250,000 from a $10 million trust that the Walton heir, Joel and Adele Walton, established in 2011. 

After the 2016 elections, the IRS filed a request with the foundation for an audit to determine if the trust had received a substantial amount of money. 

On March 20, 2017, IRS agents searched the Foundation offices in Bentonville, Arkansas and returned a letter with a notice asking the Foundation to provide “information as to the amount of trust assets, liabilities, and assets in excess of $10,000,000.” 

The letter stated that the “trust assets consist primarily of money in trust, bank accounts, and other assets held in the name of the trust.” 

According the IRS, the Walton family is one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the world, and it has contributed more than $300 million to political causes since 2006. 

Last year, the Trump Foundation released a report claiming that the Waltons “dedicated nearly $3 billion to support the goals of President Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party in 2018, including $1 billion to fund his re-election campaign and the GOP-aligned Congressional Leadership Fund. 

At the same time, the Waltos have contributed more money to candidates and parties than any other family, donating $2.3 billion over the past decade.” 

At least a portion of the money donated to the Waltones comes from their trust fund. 

“The value of the Trust assets includes $1,639,827,842.40 as of June 30, 2018,” the IRS document states. 

Additionally, the value of the trust assets includes $974,037,865.40 in cash on hand and $3,958,903.80 in investments and debt, the report states.

The IRS investigation began after the foundation sent a letter to the IRS on March 19, 2017 stating that the trust was not subject to an audit. 

When the investigations team looked through the documents, they found that the foundation’s assets and assets under management were $1,079,847,547.28. 

That was more than twice as much as the $1 in assets that the trust has received from the trust fund since it was created in 2007, according the report. 

This amount of cash is the amount the Fiscal Year 2017 Trust Fund is expected to be worth. 

As of June 28, 2018, the fund was worth $11.3 million, according to the fiscal year 2017 audit report. 

Tax filings also reveal that the family gave $890,000 to the Republican National Committee in the 2016 cycle.

In the past, the Clintons donated $15 million to candidates and party committees, according a 2015 Washington Post report.