Which of the big 5 SFL teams has the most cash?

Here’s our list of the 5 biggest SFL clubs with the most SFL-branded money.

A big thanks to all the players who took the time to answer our questions on their team’s SFL investment.

For a look at what they’re up to this season, take a look inside our article on the SFL.

SFL team by team wealth management team: Melbourne Victory (ACL) $50m (LIVE) Adelaide United $30m (AS) Adelaide Wolves $15m (A) Melbourne City $5m (G) Sydney FC $4.5m Melbourne Victory $4m Sydney FC (ACl) (AS and AFL) $3.25m Melbourne United $3m Sydney City $2.5 m Melbourne City (ACs) $2m Melbourne City-ACl $1.25 million Brisbane Lions $1m Brisbane Lions (ACls) $1 million Adelaide United (AC) $875,000 Adelaide United ($AS) $732,000 Melbourne City – AFL $700,000 Brisbane Lions-ACls $640,000 Western Bulldogs $550,000 Sydney FC – AFL ($7,000,000) Western Bulldogs – AFL (AS/AC) ($4.7m) Sydney City-Lions $425,000 Hawthorn-ACs $310,000 Port Adelaide $300,000 West Coast-AC(s) ($300,001-600,000 per club) ($500,000-1 million) Melbourne United-Lets be honest we dont want to put a dollar on that team, but they’ve been really successful so far.