How Elon Musk’s Tesla could transform the world

With its $7 billion valuation, Tesla Motors could be worth more than a trillion dollars, but it is the world’s largest privately held company, according to new data from Equilar.

The tech billionaire’s company has been worth more on average than its biggest competitors, but its market capitalization is currently $7.5 billion, according the data company.

Tesla’s market cap is now $4.8 billion, which equates to more than $2.3 trillion, according Equilar’s data.

This chart is based on a data set created by Equilar, a financial information provider, which measures the value of a company based on its financial performance in the past, on a 10-year average.

Equilar says that it also tracks the stock market price of companies in the same market as Tesla, and it has used the data for years to help investors assess the market capitalizations of companies.