US ‘bribe to the bank’ story: What we know so far

The Washington Post is reporting that the U.S. government is bribing banks to keep their investments in offshore companies and money flowing to a Cayman Islands-based company.

According to the Post, the bank is the Cayman Island Investment Management Company, or CII.

According to the Associated Press, the U,S.

is paying the CII about $1 billion a year in fees to operate its offshore companies.

According the AP, the money will be used to help finance the Caymans’ bid to host the 2024 Winter Olympics.

The U.N. has criticized the use of offshore companies to avoid tax and has called for the financial system to be made more transparent.

The Caymans have said the companies are legally owned and are not part of their portfolio.

The Caymans say they are doing business in the United States because of their relationship with the United Kingdom, which is also a member of the World Bank.