How the super-rich are buying the US and Canada

The super-wealthy have bought a record $3 trillion in U.S. and Canadian equities, and now have nearly $5 trillion in Canadian wealth.

This comes after the country’s housing market plunged, and many are blaming the country for the financial crisis.

A number of the same individuals and companies are also the main beneficiaries of a huge new credit bubble that has popped up in recent months, pushing the value of U.K. and U.C.C.’s debt to record highs.

In Canada, the top 10 holdings include the countrys largest banks and financial services companies.

The list includes the biggest banks like CIBC, TD, and RBC; the country s biggest companies including Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal, and BMO; and the biggest insurance companies, such as U.A.S., Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and CIBC.

The top Canadian banks include CIBC (TSX: CIBC), Royal Bank of Canada (TSE: RBC), and Scotiabank (TSI: SCIBA).

This is also a big change from the past.

The banks and companies that made up the bubble had all been in decline for a long time.

In the early 2000s, the stock market was down more than 20% annually, and in 2005 it was down as much as 26% a year.

In 2009, it had dropped to 14% annually.

In 2011, it was at 12% annually as the financial system came apart.

By the end of 2016, it plunged back to a mere 4%.

There are some other changes, too.

For instance, the U.B.C.-sponsored investment company CIBC has been growing at about 10% a season for more than a decade.

Its stock has risen by nearly 80% a quarter since its inception in 2005.

That’s a remarkable feat, as it’s rare to see a stock that has been at that pace for so long.

Also, the bank has been able to tap into the financial markets that are at their lowest point in a long, long time, which is a big deal given the UBS scandal.

But it’s not just the UBC that’s benefiting.

Other banks are also making big gains, and some of the biggest are Canadian banks.

The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSEX) has surged more than 600% since it was founded in 1996, while the S&P 500 (SPX) has jumped nearly 700% in the same time period.

The Vancouver Board of Trade (VBT) has been up nearly 400% in that same time.

These are the two biggest stock market bubbles in the world.

They’re a result of massive global demand for bonds and derivatives and massive financial bubble creation, and it’s hard to find a bigger winner.

A couple of years ago, I predicted that these bubbles would pop because of the global recession.

The U.F.O. crashed, the markets went into a tailspin, and the UBOT was set to collapse too.

The economy was still recovering, but the financial market was in a tailspins.

Then, just before the recession began, the housing bubble popped and everyone was happy.

They were happy for a while, but then things changed.

People realized the UBI was a bad idea, that the housing market was just too high and that they were being ripped off.

That was when we all realized the bubble was bursting.

This time, things are different.

We’re in a global crisis.

People are not happy with their incomes, they are not satisfied with their living standards, and they are just fed up with the global financial system.

The economic downturn is not over yet.

This is a huge opportunity for the super wealthy.

They’ve been able in part because of this crisis to buy up U.N. debt, and this is another way they can do that.

The big banks are getting richer too.

As of February, Canada had a $1.7 trillion U.T.

S debt position, and UBS had $1 trillion, the largest of any U.J. bank.

They have nearly double the debt of Canada’s largest banks combined.

They are the biggest holders of UBS debt, with more than $4 trillion.

They own the most U.BS stock.

They also own about half the shares of UBOTS shares.

They had $9 trillion worth of UTS shares, and have $4.2 trillion worth.

Canada’s financial sector is suffering from a $2.2-trillion market in bad loans, and these guys are buying up the assets.

The biggest of these big banks, Royal Bank, owns roughly half of the UMBOT shares, which have more than doubled in value in the last five years.

These guys are also buying up UBS shares, including the UBA shares.

The Royal Bank Group, which includes Royal Bank Canada, is