The ‘War on Poverty’ will cost US $50 billion in 2019, says US President Donald Trump

A U.S. President Donald J. Trump on Wednesday said the “War on Taxation” would cost the United States $50 trillion in 2019 if implemented.The President said in a tweet that he was calling for a new budget resolution that would fund the government through March 2021, a year before Congress adjourns for the year.Trump, who […]

How to Build Wealth, Invest in Your Family and Your Home

The global wealth transfer industry is booming.More than $1 trillion is now held by households, businesses and institutions around the world.Some of the biggest names include Vanguard Group, BlackRock, Vanguard Total Return and Bank of America Corp. But there are many others.Some have their roots in China, while others are based in Switzerland, the Netherlands, […]

How to invest for the long term

VANCOUVER — As a senior adviser at Vanguard, the global wealth management company, I often hear about the long-term benefits of investing in the stock market.I also hear about how the long run has an impact on wealth.So I asked my clients to share their thoughts on the topic.I received more than 1,000 responses.I compiled […]

Which asset class will outperform the market?

In a new report, Wealth Insights, an investment research firm, examined the investment outcomes for individual and family wealth.The firm, which is based in Boston, analyzed the performance of 20 asset classes.The most common was equities, with the most assets at $10,000 and above.The next two most common were bonds, with assets ranging from $2,500 […]