Carson: ‘This is about the future of our country’

Carson, a former neurosurgeon, has been working to preserve wealth for his own and others’ benefit.His latest initiative, the Strategic Wealth Preservation Initiative, is a plan to give money back to the poor and working class, by reducing their interest rates and creating a wealth preservation plan that could last for decades.It was announced on […]

How much of your wealth is in real estate?

If you own real estate, chances are you own it through a trust or as a portfolio, and the most common way to invest in real property is through a private investment vehicle, such as a real estate brokerage, mutual fund, or an insurance company.The same thing happens when you invest in a property through […]

How to make money online and how to spend it

What’s it all about?The opm wealth tool aggregates a user’s online spending habits to calculate how much they could save, according to a blog post.It uses a user-selected basket of online services and tools to create a list of products that you can buy online, with prices and returns depending on the service and product.Users […]