How I became a millionaire on a $40,000 a year job

The day I graduated from high school, my dad got me a job as a housekeeper for a family friend.It wasn’t what I expected.I’d never worked in a kitchen before, and I was an ambitious student.The family had a large home, and the kids, ages five to eight, worked in the backyard and in the […]

The Wintrust: The Wealth Management, Club Wealth, and Cultural Wealth Movement

By Peter Osterman, USA TODAY Managing editor, TheWrapWorizon.comWintrust Wealth Management and Club Wealth are two of the biggest names in the wealth management and club-building world.They’re owned by billionaire David Koch, the co-founder of Koch Industries, and have a combined wealth of more than $50 billion.Club Wealth (now Wintrex) is the other major player in […]

How to Create Your Own Community Cultural Wealth Transfer: Part 2

You can create your own community cultural wealth transfer through the community cultural exchange program.The program was launched in 2010 to encourage entrepreneurs to expand their businesses in rural areas of South Australia.In an online community forum, users can post photos of their business and explain how they plan to transfer some of their cash […]