Israel’s generational wealth is not global, says senior scholar

A senior scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEP) in Washington DC has said Israel’s generation of wealth is in fact not global but rather rooted in the country’s core values.In a letter published on Tuesday, David Alpert, the author of The Global Generations, said that while Israel’s wealth is growing, its generation […]

Who is the wealthiest person in the UK? | The BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire

1.George Osborne – £8.2 billion 2.Bill Gates – £7.8 billion 3.Warren Buffett – £6.6 billion 4.Mark Zuckerberg – £4.6 million 5.James Packer – £3.9 million 6.Warren Buffet – £2.3 million 7.Tom Steyer – £1.5 million 8.Bill Ackman – £0.3 billion 9.Mark Cuban – £500 million 10.Elon Musk – £200 million Source MTV News