How I became a millionaire on a $40,000 a year job

The day I graduated from high school, my dad got me a job as a housekeeper for a family friend.It wasn’t what I expected.I’d never worked in a kitchen before, and I was an ambitious student.The family had a large home, and the kids, ages five to eight, worked in the backyard and in the […]

How to use a wealth advisor to make your investment decisions

Wealth advisors are a great source of advice and insight.But there are some questions you need to ask before you invest.First, what is a wealth adviser?A wealth advisor is someone who manages a portion of a client’s wealth.Wealth advisors can also work for a firm or individual, as long as the firm or person is […]

How You Can Help Restore Gospel of Wealth

The Gospel of Wisdom, a wealth enhancement group for people with serious financial challenges, says the organization has received more than $20 million in donations from more than 300,000 donors in the United States and Canada.Its members are people like Johnnie Cochran, a retired electrician in the U.S. who spent 20 years working for GE.Johnnie […]