When ‘sanctuary’ wealth comes into the spotlight in Colorado

The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating a Colorado sanctuary city’s efforts to shield its wealthy residents from deportation.A U.N. report found that sanctuary cities were failing to adequately protect immigrants from violence and crime.The report is expected to be released this week.The city of El Paso, Texas, was also named in the report.A federal […]

Which billionaire wealth effect is right for your family?

On Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal reported on the wealth effect of Donald Trump.According to the Journal, if Trump were to earn $1 billion annually, it would mean that he could afford to buy a $1.5 billion home in Beverly Hills and spend it on his children.The Journal also reported that if Trump bought an […]

Which country’s richest people are living the dream?

The top 10 percent of the global wealth distribution is worth $12.2 trillion, according to new research by the World Bank and the Institute for Economic Policy Research (IEPR), the world’s largest wealth-management organization.That’s more than twice the combined wealth of the bottom half of the world population and nearly one-third the global population.“The richest […]

‘Wealth of kings’ as Vatican warns of ‘grave threat’

The Vatican has warned that a “grave threat” of wealth creation is growing in the Church, as the Church celebrates its centenary.Pope Francis has repeatedly said that wealth is not a gift of God, but rather the product of the human condition, and that the Church has to be “open to the world”.Pope Benedict XVI […]