How to save for retirement, according to the latest wealth management company

Wealth management company Legacy Wealth Management has come under fire for claiming its Wealth Builder service is more than 30 times more accurate than what it says it is.A report from The Times of London on Tuesday revealed that Legacy Wealth has claimed to have helped millions of people save more than $2 trillion.Its website […]

What’s next for Wintrust and Legacy?

With Wintrit, the new owners of Legacies, they have managed to achieve a lot, which will surely be welcomed by fans and investors.This is the first time since the takeover in the autumn of 2018 that a new owner has taken over the reins.For Legacies it has also meant an overhaul of the entire ownership […]

The Future of Wealth Management is Changing and Our Strategies Will Be the New Rules

Legacy Wealth Management will become the new norm for wealth management as a whole in 2018.And it’s a game changer.For one thing, this is the era when you are going to have to invest in more assets to manage your portfolio in a sustainable way.For another, the future is much brighter for those who have […]