Which billionaire owns the biggest fortune in the US?

We already know about a couple of the wealthiest people on the planet: Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.But who owns the third-largest fortune in America?We’re looking at a different question: Who’s responsible for the world’s largest fortune?As Forbes reports, the top 3% of Americans own about $20.6 trillion, or about $4,200 for every person in […]

How to make money online and how to spend it

What’s it all about?The opm wealth tool aggregates a user’s online spending habits to calculate how much they could save, according to a blog post.It uses a user-selected basket of online services and tools to create a list of products that you can buy online, with prices and returns depending on the service and product.Users […]

What to look for in the investment advice of Geneos Wealth Management and Wintrust Wealth Management

Geneos and Wits Wealth Management have both launched a new website that lets you invest in both of their mutual funds.The two funds have both been around for years, but both have also been under scrutiny for the way their investments are managed.Geneos Wealth ManagerGeneos, the second-largest hedge fund in the US, is the second […]