Which companies have the most shareholder wealth?

The most successful companies are among the richest companies in the world, according to a study by research firm The Index of Corporate America.The study said the top 10 list was dominated by five global players: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon.The top 1,000 companies, meanwhile, included eBay, Netflix, Starbucks, Facebook, Microsoft and Uber.The index […]

What to do if you’ve been hit with a ‘black swan’ stock market event

RitholtZ Wealth Management has just announced that it has filed for bankruptcy protection, with the company’s $100 billion valuation eclipsing the $50 billion of Wall Street’s S&P 500.The move comes after the stock market plunged more than 100% in a matter of hours on Wednesday.Ritholt said it expects to lose $2 billion in its stock […]