What is the difference between the Walton family’s wealth and the family’s net worth?

What is a Walton family net worth, and what is their wealth?┬áThe Walton family owns or controls an estimated $1.5 trillion worth of assets in the United States and around a dozen other countries.They also control the Walton Family Foundation and the Walton Group, which owns or manages a number of businesses, including Walmart, the […]

Why are you looking for a real estate agent? Because you have more money than you know what to do with

WASHINGTON — A real estate agency that is one of the few in the country to pay all of its clients a monthly fee, has raised its prices.And it’s because it’s doing so with cash.The real estate service, Real Estate Agent Worldwide, which bills itself as the largest in the U.S., has recently raised its […]

Wealth Management Companies Are Paying Off Their Profits With Cash In The Pocket

Wealth Management companies like Avantax Wealth Management have been making waves in the wealth management space for quite some time, especially after the recent market meltdown and massive losses on their stock.In a recent article, Avantex CEO Andrew Pyle said that AvantX had recorded $7.7 billion in net income over the last three years.In total, […]