When ‘sanctuary’ wealth comes into the spotlight in Colorado

The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating a Colorado sanctuary city’s efforts to shield its wealthy residents from deportation.A U.N. report found that sanctuary cities were failing to adequately protect immigrants from violence and crime.The report is expected to be released this week.The city of El Paso, Texas, was also named in the report.A federal […]

How to use this wealth percentile tool to calculate wealth

If you are an individual or a small business, you may have noticed the wealth statistics displayed in your email inbox.This is the wealth data you see when you search your inbox, and it will tell you how much you have made and how much money you have earned.However, this data is not a direct […]

Which of the current top ten richest Australians has the best wealth?

More than half of the wealth in Australia comes from a single family, with the average net worth of an individual who is an Australian billionaire hovering around $3.5 billion.But what exactly is a wealthy person?What are the different types and the characteristics that make them so successful?In this article, we’ll take a look at […]